Awaken The Leader Within
Living In Harmony With Natural Law & Divine Order
Before we begin, let me make it clear that there are no cheat codes in life, and that which is worth having, always comes at a cost of personal responsibility and self discipline.

This course is the result of a year in the making and a lifetime of learned experience... 
Delivered to you as guide to the powerful knowledge of Natural law and divine order, in an easy to understand & apply methodology.
It is timeless in its teaching, empowering in its delivery. 
It is designed to activate your Divine Will in the meaningful pursuit of Self Actualization and Truth. 

True educators like myself with real professional experience in learning design, course creation and workshop facilitation will not pretend that enlightenment is as easy as 1.2.3... 
I do not claim to have the answers nor is that the purpose of this work. 
As with all I do, this course has been built with integrity, honesty and with the intent to do the right thing. 
Which means I choose conscience over personal gain. 
I choose my soul over worldly "success". 
This material can assist you in doing the same. 

When you don’t know the Creator and lack a sense of purpose in life, then you will be knowingly or unknowingly contributing to the human condition of slavery...
This is because you will believe in the false ideology that there is such a thing as "authority" vested in certain humans that call themselves masters, thus you will accept a fate as a slave, supporting a system of evil that has existed since time can tell...

What "awakening" truly meanings, is to become aware of the human condition of slavery, 
the truth of the world and the reality we have all co-created in our ignorance...
Awakening is therefore only the beginning of your conscious growth journey, not the end destination.
It is then for you to use your gift of Free Will to become an active participant in life, take responsibility and learn self-governance.

To choose the path of the Good. The Service-to-others and Service-to-Creator polarity, 
in the face of evil, you will learn to cultivate the spiritual strength to say No, do the right thing and live in alignment with Natural Law.

You need not believe in Natural Law for it to have it's effect on you...
Natural law is what actually governs your life experience, and when you become conscious of it, you can live in harmony with the divine order & activate the leader within you ~ this is your key to personal freedom.
To be clear; these are the objective Laws of the Creator of the Universe, not the subjective man-made "legal system." 
Thus, this course has nothing to do with human constructs of "legal-law". 
You will be taught the laws that govern all behavioural consequences within our known universe, because it is the key to Self-Actualization.

Know that you are worthy by virtue that you exist... 
The Creator makes no mistakes.
It is up to you to choose with your Free Will, to live a life of meaningful pursuit; Purpose, Love, Freedom, Truth. 

The only true authority is the Creator of the Universe. 
If we are to become a civilization of higher consciousness, it will take the understanding of these Cosmic Laws, learning spiritual maturity and ending the human condition of slavery.

Remember that The Truth is not "new"... 
It must be found, studied and applied by the willing student...

It has taken me years in time, thousands of hours in study, self-discipline to a high degree in order to come to these realisations myself, embody them and know them to be true (to the best of my current comprehension) via direct experience.

In this online video course, you will feel like you are in an actual live workshop with me, 
with each course pillar there is a build on knowledge, skills, practical exercises and self-reflections. 
I guide you through each section with precise detail and what it means to apply it in your life. 
This is a course for life growth. 

With the power of knowledge comes the power of responsibility.

If you are willing to put in the work, effort and sacrifice, then the fruits of your labour shall bare the fruits of your success.

Through 5 uniquely designed pillars of this course, you will embark on a progressive journey, gaining the knowledge, mindset and tools that are paramount to empower you as a unique individual and become the leader of your life. 
The Creator made you to be You. 
Self-actualization is the biggest gift you can ever gift yourself AND the world simultaneously.
It's always the right time to start livin from within.


  • The value within this course is far greater than the price to purchase. I have intentionally made it available at a low price to enable the opportunity for all those who seek to benefit from this foundational teaching, in times of global chaos. Order can only come when the majority of humanity lives in harmony with the principles taught herein.
  • ​:: What's Inside? :: 5 Pillars divided into progressive course sections with detailed teachings, reflective exercises and worksheets for personal application.
  • ​Pillar 1: The Foundations Of Natural Law, What It Is And What It Is Not. The 8 Principles That Govern Our Experience of Conscious Evolution.
  • ​Pillar 2: How Natural Law Is Expressed In Our Reality, What It Means For Us As Human Beings and The Choice Of Polarity As An Activated Life Path.
  • ​Pillar 3: What It Means To Live In Alignment With Natural Law, How To Break The Common Barriers To Freedom From The Mental Cage, Cultivating Integrity With Truth, The Way Forward As A Conscious Civilization.
  • ​Pillar 4: The Key Skills Required To Master Your Mind and Your Emotions Throughout Life's Challenges. Cultivating Spiritual Maturity And Training Higher Consciousness.
  • ​Pillar 5: Self Actualization & Self Leadership, Building The Skills For Positive Progress In Mindset, Focused Attention, Shifting To Healthier Routines & Habits Using Neuroplasticity.
  • ​​+ Bonus Workshop: Boundary Setting With Self and Others. How To Say No, Set Boundaries and Deal With The Uncomfortable Emotions That Come Up.
  • ​​+ Bonus Workshop: Sustaining Intrinsic Motivation, Identify Your Core Values, Exploring Your Strengths and Living By Natural Law Philosophy For Life.

:: Inside Look ::
Digital Video Course

 :: Warning ::
Side effects of Melisa's teachings may include mind + emotional mastery, increased sense of life purpose, higher sense of personal responsibility and increased integrity. 

Melisa Arnautovic

Educator | Speaker | Writer

About The Trainer: 

Melisa Arnautovic is an Educator & Founder of LIV.In Training.
Her purpose with her work is to teach practical wisdom on moral laws, spiritually led living, purpose & integrity.
Ultimately, so that humanity will break free from mental slavery and choose Goodness, Truth, Purpose.

Melisa has directly empowered thousands of people across +80 countries (indirectly many more).
She has +15 years experience in human sciences, global business strategy and execution across multi-national complex organisations, learning design & personal development training in multiple aspects of life. 
+5 years as an independent founder, creating, designing, facilitating training workshops & courses for teams, groups and individuals.

Melisa teaches real life skills for mind + emotion mastery, self leadership, spiritual maturity, building integrity, living a life of purpose & greater meaning.

Melisa's concepts combine neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, business, spirituality, God's natural law & real life skills that matter.

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