Conscious Living & Well-being Starter Skill-kit   
What does a fulfilling, beautiful existence consist of?

As a hollistic being, your life consists of various elements that make up the whole. 
With this in mind, I created my concept 7 healths of well-being. 
Considering the aspects of life that are fundamental to human needs, fulfilment and well-being. 

I deliver this concept live, in workshop format with large groups, usually hundreds of people. 
Though I am also aware not everyone is able to attend my live workshops, thus I have put together a version of my 7 healths of well-being program in an online format. 
So that way, everyone who wants to benefit from my teachings have an option to do so.

In this comprehensive, digestible course, my concept of conscious living is delivered to you with Four 1-hour video-classes over 4 weeks. Designed for you to interactively take part (they are live recorded sessions, so it feels like you are with me!) and follow at a good pace.

We will cover the 7 elements of your life that when unblocked, balanced & integrated, lead to a more fulfilling, conscious life. 

I call it the starter skill-kit because it is great for those who are wanting to live a more conscious and higher quality life, yet are struggling with where to start. 
In a world of so much noise, I provide you with practices, tools & knowledge throughout the sessions that you can apply in your life, step by step, in a clear and concise manner. 
I make it simple to understand and apply.

Conscious Living & Well-Being Starter Skill-Kit
Digital Video Course


  • ​​Four 1-hour deepdive video recorded training sessions on "Conscious Living & Well-being Starter Skill kit" in an easy to digest format
  • ​Worksheets supporting activities for implementation
  • ​Covering tools, practices & knowledge for improving your well-being in the physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, financial & professional healths (not medical/financial advice, content is educational for personal development purposes)
  • ​Fantastic for starting the conscious living journey, alot that can be utilized from this program to transform your life for the better.
  • ​Online personal log-in so that you can learn, rewatch & implement at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
  • ​+ Bonus Gift: Melisa's MASTERCLASS on mind & emotion self mastery through inner alchemy.

 :: Warning ::
Side effects of Melisa's teachings may include mind + emotional mastery, increased sense of life purpose, better productivity & results, increased joy & well-being.

Melisa Arnautovic

Educator | Speaker | Writer

About The Trainer: 

Melisa Arnautovic is a Conscious Educator & Founder of LIV.In Training.
Her purpose with her work is to teach practical wisdom on moral laws, spiritually led living, purpose & integrity.
Ultimately, so that humanity will break free from mental slavery and choose Goodness, Truth, Purpose.

Melisa has directly empowered thousands of people across +80 countries (indirectly many more).
She has +15 years experience in human sciences, global business strategy and execution across multi-national complex organisations, learning design & personal development training in multiple aspects of life. 
+5 years as an independent founder, creating, designing, facilitating training workshops & courses for teams, groups and individuals.

Melisa teaches real life skills for mind + emotion mastery, self leadership, spiritual maturity, building integrity, living a life of purpose & greater meaning.

Melisa's concepts combine neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, NLP, anthropology, business, spirituality, natural law, wellbeing & real life skills that matter.

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