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Awaken The Leader Within Online Course  
  • ​5 Pillars divided into progressive course sections with detailed teachings, reflective exercises and worksheets for personal application.
  • ​Pillar 1: The Foundations Of Natural Law, What It Is And What It Is Not. The 8 Principles That Govern Our Experience of Conscious Evolution.
  • ​Pillar 2: How Natural Law Is Expressed In Our Reality, What It Means For Us As Human Beings and The Choice Of Polarity As An Activated Life Path.
  • ​Pillar 3: What It Means To Live In Alignment With Natural Law, How To Break The Common Barriers To Freedom From The Mental Cage, Cultivating Integrity With Truth, The Way Forward As A Conscious Civilization.
  • ​Pillar 4: The Key Skills Required To Master Your Mind and Your Emotions Throughout Life's Challenges. Cultivating Spiritual Maturity And Training Higher Consciousness.
  • ​Pillar 5: Self Actualization & Self Leadership, Building The Skills For Positive Progress In Mindset, Focused Attention, Shifting To Healthier Routines & Habits Using Neuroplasticity.
  • ​​+ Bonus Workshop: Boundary Setting With Self and Others. How To Say No, Set Boundaries and Deal With The Uncomfortable Emotions That Come Up.
  • ​​+ Bonus Workshop: Sustaining Intrinsic Motivation, Identify Your Core Values, Exploring Your Strengths and Living By Natural Law Philosophy For Life.
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